Grapefruit Bubbly is a sketch comedy group based in Madison, WI

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Our Latest Vid

Video Call with Astronaut Mike Teegan

Students have an opportunity to message questions for Astronaut Mike Teegan during an educational video call from space and notice something unusual in the background.

Featured at Toronto Sketch Fest 2022

And Thats When I Realized...

We're all having troubles relearning how to socialize in the COVID era

Happy Birthday Eli

Eli Wilz: A Tasty Life

Eli has turned 28

Featured at Toronto Sketch Fest 2021

The Zoom Cycle

As a company attempts to host a meeting over Zoom, the boss decides to use the time to get in some cycling, as well.

Featured at Austin Sketch Fest


An anchor and his lover try to rekindle lost love, professionally of course.

A Buzzfeed Presentation

Millennials Try Dog Food

I think Buzzfeed has run out of ideas

Happy Birthday Ryan

Ryan's Birthday Video

What if Ryan could also have birthdays??

A Presentation by Donna Michaels

University President

Covid-19 is not the only problem that Universities are having with reopening

Featured at Milwaukee Comedy Festival

Miracle Burger

Is fake meat ethical?

Upcoming videos

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We release videos and podcasts on alternating Wednesdays

    A Podcast short

    We Can't Make This Video

    Not every script can get filmed. Whether it's budget constraints, a wildly necessary celebrity cameo, or an unreachable location, there's plenty of reasons a sketch can't get made. But that's not going to stop us from trying.

    Each episode we do a table read of our favorite sketch we've written.

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