Grapefruit Bubbly is a sketch comedy group based in Madison, WI

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Featured at Austin Sketch Fest


An anchor and his lover try to rekindle lost love, professionally of course.

A Presentation by Donna Michaels

University President

Covid-19 is not the only problem that Universities are having with reopening

Featured at Toronto Sketch fest

The Zoom Cycle

As a company attempts to host a meeting over Zoom, the boss decides to use the time to get in some cycling, as well.

Pellentesque consequat

Next Video Release

We release videos and podcasts on alternating Wednesdays

    A Podcast short

    We Can't Make This Video

    Not every script can get filmed. Whether it's budget constraints, a wildly necessary celebrity cameo, or an unreachable location, there's plenty of reasons a sketch can't get made. But that's not going to stop us from trying.

    Each episode we do a table read of our favorite sketch we've written.

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